The European continent is rich in history, impressive natural beauty and artificial marvels to attract tourists across the world. The following discussion offers you detail about the Rome a popular place to travel in Europe.


Rome tops the list of European travel charms. Those who are paying attention in tasting the Italian civilization and visiting superb colonial places would love to tour to the capital of Italy. We have added the places that would be worth to visit in Rome.


The Colosseum

The Colosseum had been the location of the most exciting form of the oldest Roman delight – gladiator fights. It could grasp as number as 50 thousand viewers at a time. Now a day, the remains of the powerful structure are traveled by a large number of travelers who take pleasure seeing the arena in the middle of golden spotlights after sundown.

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Trevi Fountain

One more of the most well-known Roman travel charms are the Trevi Fountain. It was established in the 18th century and sits in middle of the hotels and shopping stores these days. As Roman tradition has it, throw two coins in the fountain accomplish one want of falling in love with a beautiful Roman. Though contemporary travelers do not trust in the tradition any more, the tradition of throwing coins is still done for fun.



The round Pantheon is an ancient pagan temple. It is the interment place of the popular Raphael – the artist – plus two well-known Italian kings. The structure is situated in Piazza Della Rotunda where travelers can enjoy with some coffee or involve in a slice of Italian pizza.


The Roman Forum

One more important historic place in Rome is the Forum. The ruins of the compound include government houses, oldest Roman tombstones as well as shrines. You can visit the place without any entrance fee. The Roman Forum is a must travel place in order to really experience the local’s past.


Rome is a destination full of civilization, passion and ancient history. Along with a special guided tour of a lot of magnetism, you can also put in a shopping excursion or wine tasting trip to round out your holiday. Rome has an open-air museum with great attractions to see and do around the corner, from chronological places to wonderful parks, amazing tombstones to water parks and much more. With a guided trip that is made particularly with your ideas and favorites in mind you are certain to hold the Rome you want to discover.

Consider to visit all the attractions of the city with your own personal tour guide. Europe Honeymoon Packages from India cost is a best way to travel around the Rome as it covers almost all the major attractions and hidden charms which is impossible to reach. Rome is a beautiful city and best for all types of travelers. Whether you are looking for a solo travel or family vacation, Rome claims to be an open-air museum that allows all travelers to step back through different periods. Rome has century back history and some of the structures holding the secrets of history still stand these days even if only in remains.