Dubai Activities For Couples

One would like to have a relaxed setting like a hot spring or a clam secluded town for a wind down vacation.  Having said that, if you are one of the sort who would like to his jaw dropped at every nuance detail on the town that you choose as your vacation destination. Then Dubai is the place you have to be. Dubai is known to be one of the major modern vacation experience city in the globe that rivals the legendary party town Las Vegas.

It is no shocking news that Dubai houses many magnificent skyscrapers or it’s not like one haven’t heard about the architectural prowess of Dubai. What I would like to share with you about this city is the subtle details that are ridiculous for an average city dweller, I as a writer one should experience this white they are out here in Dubai tours.


Cops Ride in Style

As soon as you reach Dubai, one can see the Ferrai’s, Lamborghini, Buggati Veyrons are not being stopped by police as they are the patrol cars for Dubai police.

Predators as pet

If you see a cheetah or leopard leashed to a car, do not call red cross. I repeat, do not call the red cross as it is the most loved pet of the household.

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Gold ATM ?

A cash dispenser is common in metro cities, but a gold dispenser? Well its common in Dubai, next time you blow off a non city folk, better ask them whether they are from Dubai, we city side people are a peg down compared to their lifestyle.

Playing With Altitude

Playing with attitude is what most of jocks do, but people in Dubai play with altitude as they have their tennis court at 1000 feet above sea level.

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Dubai a City that both vertically and horizontally crowed ?

Dubai traffic is almost as famous for its skyscrapers, as its not just the malls with an insane floor limit that is crowded but also the perfectly flat tarmac roads too.

Dubai Desert Belly Dance

Choose Your Polo Mount

Dubai offers a choice in mount for Polo enthusiast, as one can choose to play polo either on horseback or Camel back

Precious Cars, as they are looked to be made of precious metal

It is not to be surprised to see a car that glitters entirely like as if it’s made of gold, silver or white metal. One does not know whether it is the real expensive metal or a special paint.

These are the few jaw dropping facts vacation destination.

Dubai Desert Safari

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Happy Holidaying… Go Dubai , Go Vacation!