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Discover the incredible Europe

Europe has been the most favorite destination for the tourists. The rich and diverse culture attracts a lot of crowds from all over the world. This place is associated with a history which dates back to early centuries. This has been the birth place of many noted artists, musicians, students and many others. Most people come here to enjoy the panoramic view, the colossal museums, cathedrals, theaters and food. This has been the hub for travelers from Asia and America. You can experience it all with your Europe tour package from India sharpholidays.

Flights and Visa made it easy

These days the Schengen visa is available very easily. This has increased the number of visitors to Europe. These tourists visit Europe. France, Italy, Spain and Greece are more frequently than other countries. These places add a lot of revenue to the countries from the tourists. The tourists from all over the world visit this place during cool summer to escape the blistering heat in their own countries. And during the winter the air travel cost increases. Sometimes due to extreme cold and snowfall the no of tourist drop down to a very low number. The flights get stranded due to fog and most of them get cancelled due to the harsh weather conditions.

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UK- The ultimate destination

The UK has been the favorite spot for all the people across the globe. This place has diverse range of educational institutes and universities. People from different countries get enrolled into these universities and enjoy the beauty of this place. Between the summers and winter, businessmen and traders will have seen in large numbers in this place. London is the hub for all the fiscal exchange. Rome is well known for the multifarious and luscious cuisines. This place is often referred as the food capital of the world. Germany is very famous for the beer. This place is crowded in the months of October till December as they come to celebrate New Year and the October-beer-fest.

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For Honeymoon lovers

All the newly married couples love to visit Caribbean Cruise, the blissful beaches in Bali. The romantic Italy has a lot of the tourists. France and Greece captivate the tourist because of the tranquil islands and magnificent city life. This is the perfect destination for all the lovers. As all the routes are well connected by roads and railways, the people do not find any difficulty in visiting any place in Europe. There are a lot of rivers which attracts the water spot lovers for kayaking, boating and other adventurous sports. There has been increase in the refuges in Europe. Hence there is a hike in the flight rate to check this. Its a golden chance for the airlines to generate huge revenues.

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Other reasons

The daily market, the mouth watering cuisines, the festival, the amicable crowd, the long delayed sunset on the beaches is just not the enough reasons why people visit Europe. After all it is considered as the paradise for everyone. Special discounted price on the cost of airlines have also contributed to the increase of the travelers in Europe. The crisscrossed roads with trails are best for jogging, biking, walking and horse riding. In the late Mays, the long walks, impressive wildflowers give you a break from the crowded street life and add immense pleasure and happiness.

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Climate of Europe

The weather is normally cool and pleasant with maximum temperature not exceeding more than 24°C.This place witnesses’ maximum rainfall in the month of July, August and October with the maximum of 50mm.Rest of the months are dry, windy and peachy. The best time to visit this place is between November –January and March-April as the winds are moderate and the sun showing up. This is the best place to celebrate Christmas and New Year with your loved ones. With the long delayed sunset with the pristine environment, this is the best place to plan your holidays for Europe tours with