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Bangkok-Pattaya Tour Packages

The word Bangkok means ‘the City of Angels’ in Thai Language. Situated in the heavily urbanized triangle of eastern and central Thailand, Bangkok, which has rapid modernization that has caused to blossom into one of the most sophisticated cities in the globe, is the national capital city of Thailand. Abundant in fragrant markets, historic landmarks, a riverside full of surprises, glamorous malls, pulsating nightlife sand several superb tourist attractions reflecting its special heritage, Bangkok attracts approx 10 million international tourists every year. Home to the amazing temples and scenic beauty, the city of Bangkok welcomes its visitors. This city houses the largest shopping centers in Asia, which provides its tourists the grandest shopping experience. On the other hand, the taste buds are also treated by Bangkok tours with some pungent delicacies of Thailand. A must stop destination of this city is the Safari Tour with Marine Tour. Having the traffic speckled with brightly colored yellow, pink and green taxis and designer architecture coexisting with ancient buildings, this grand city provides the tourists the opportunity of enough shopping choices to blow their Baht.

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Situated on the North Gulf Coast of Thailand and approx 150 km south of the city of Bangkok, the tourist destination of Pattaya is internationally popular for its nightlife and beaches. For this reason, Pattaya, which is one of the most popular beach destinations in South East Asia, is lovingly nicknamed as ‘the Naughtiest City of Thailand’. This city is completely charming. Enriched with island tours, beaches, windsurfing, diving and a vibrant and exciting nightlife, this city of Pattaya is called the fun paradise of Thailand. Making the Pattaya Tour convenient and easy, the tourist destination of Pattaya, which is one of the best beach locations in Thailand, offers the tourists the opportunity of enjoying the sand, surf and sun, as well as all types of adventure and sports activities. While enjoying on the tourist destination of Pattaya, get rejuvenated with the fun filled water sporting activities like snorkeling and swimming. The main sight on the Pattaya tours is the blissful coral formation. After all, an enticing Bangkok vacation is made with the cool breeze and the pristine beaches. Of course, limitless entertainment and the happening nightlife are the treasure of tourists.


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So, don’t get late and lose yourselves in the sensational sights, lights and nights in the popular tourist destinations of Bangkok and Pattaya!

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